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About Spiritual Coaching

"Spirit" comes from the Latin word spiritus, meaning breath. HW Longfellow called it "A vital breath of more ethereal air." It may be that our spirit is the life force that generates vitality in our bodies: esprit de corps – the spirit of the body, the breath of life.

In the ancient roots of the English language, there is an understanding of spirit that in our culture often gets overlooked. At a stressful pace, we live each day running down tasks, at home and in the workplace. Most of our focus and energy has literally gone to our heads. We tend to give more value to information that comes from our brains, finding their great powers of analysis and judgment. But this is also where fear and anxiety are born, emotions that keep us dispirited – small and weak.

With even a cursory look, spirit can be found in all living beings. It is a great power center just waiting to give direction and meaning to our lives. Whether we believe it to be a connection with the Cosmos, the source of all life, or each person's innate wisdom, spirit is a resource that we can draw upon.

The Process and Practicalities of Spiritual Coaching

You are empowered to move into action and supported in applying proven spiritual practices including

to reach your desired outcomes.

Through spiritual coaching you work with a mentor by your side to achieve spiritual growth and personal development. Spiritual coaching encompasses your whole being

Mind Body Spirit
connecting with a higher power....

Spiritual growth is a fulfilling part of life’s journey. You grow more aware of the thoughts and emotions that influence you, affect your outcomes, and impact the way you treat others. You develop positive perspectives and outlooks, and attain increased levels of peace.

Linda and Uwe works alongside you to accelerate your progress by increasing personal awareness, empowering you to find your own truth and discovering the answers you seek. The mentoring process concentrates on where you are now and what you are willing to do to get where you want to be.

Being in Present Time
When you are present you show up spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Rather than being lost in your thoughts and emotions, you choose to be present and visible; you become a conscious participant in your environment.

Being of Service
This provides an opportunity for you to draw upon your innate goodness and fulfill a meaningful part of life’s purpose by caring for humanity.

Emotional Healing
It is vital that you release past hurts, move forward with renewed energy, and realize the positive possibilities in your life.

Let Go of the Past, Live in the Moment
Not so easy to do..! But when you live in the moment it opens the door to new opportunities, and allows you to be surrounded by and filled with love for self and others.

Learning to manifest and live in Abundance
By embracing the belief that your good comes from everyone, and everywhere, and everything, and practicing abundance techniques, you develop a new mindset that allows you to live from abundance.

Live from Gratitude
Gratitude is one of the highest forms of expressions. By living from gratitude (even during difficult times) you connect to a higher power; and you attract new blessings and opportunities into your life.

Overcome Limiting Beliefs
Breaking through limiting beliefs allows you to unleash your potential, empowers you to live the life you were meant to live, and moves you forward on your spiritual journey.

Spiritual Enlightenment
Working with a spiritual mentor towards spiritual enlightenment increases personal peace and enriches your life in numerous ways including being free from worry, releasing fears, emanating love for others and living things including nature, letting go completely, and understanding we are all one.

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